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Positive Thoughts

If you wanna be who you wanna be, begin the walk to where you wanna be.
Live today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet come. “Today is a gift, that is why it is called a ‘present’”
Wake up happy…chase a cloud…laugh out loud…whistle a tune. Whisper a promise. Savor a memory.
Live and you shall love living. Love and you shall live to love. Life will be all that is worth!
Live while you can live. Love while love lasts…
I’m sitting in the class my brows knit together, lips shut tight and my eyes barely open. My head is bursting with pain. I’m getting backache too. And teacher is standing in front of us, abusing us as the bunch of idiots. And he thinks we won’t succeed. I sit here and think he doesn’t know what he is speaking. Who has seen the potential in us?
Look at the present…grasp what you can get but don’t grope for what you don’t need. Be happy and live each day as a new day.
Live life in the way it ought to be lived and you will find that you like to live in the way it ought to be lived
You can share but you can’t solely live your life for someone else

I sat there thinking of him…those beautiful moments. I have never been surer of anything. I loved him like I have never known love.
I was the only one sitting lonesome and lost. I looked around to see if I could catch some familiar faces…but there was none. I longed for the homely feel, the fragrance of love and affection. But to my dismay, I could only see more strangers. They were looking my way but they didn’t seem friendly. They glanced and walked off in a pride of egoistic manner. I was a dirt in the mass. I knew I was noticed and seen but no one cared enough to even utter a ‘hi’. I minded but less. I learnt to live in the rags of human pride and ignorance. I learnt to be myself.
If you want to be a human, you have to piece your life with others’. You are not born to be arrogant. You are born to love and be loved in return.
Seeing people lazing around basking their thoughts in the luxury of desires grips me with an insuppressible pain

Even if it was for a moment, it was a moment I could never forget. It was a moment of complete luxury. A moment of complete freedom. A moment of complete happiness. A moment of sheer joy. A moment just of ourselves.

A true word never hurts in the end and a false word is never said to a true person

Love him and love shall grow in your heart. Care him and you will know what it is to really care about someone.

Death swoops over…it will hit you in your heart, cut it into twain and leave you aghast. Your soul wanders in a fruitless space….

Belief in yourself is the hope of confidence that you can be what you think you can be.
Love isn’t love if it can’t breed love

Love never loses. You never lose anything by loving. If you feel you are wrong to love another person, look closer.
It was a lonely day. A day of tedious walk through a very lonely road. No one seemed to have passed by that road. I could only see small figures far away in the field. I went on walking, enjoying the serenity of the remote locality. I had not walked 5 minutes when I saw a small form beside the road. Curiosity got the better of me – looking closer, I found that it was a baby. She seemed to have been a cast away. An instant love and compassion overpowered me. I even felt tears in my eyes looking at the cruelty of the human intellectual. It seemed they knew nothing better and nothing good. The baby looked so fragile. As I gently touched her face, she didn’t stir a brow…and oh yes, she opened her eyes. Such a beautiful piece. She hasn’t known the harshness of the world. Neither has she borne hatred towards it. I couldn’t leave such loving soul there in the world of a jungle to bear the coldness of the other souls. She babbled something – a child’s talk of love. I knew I wasn’t sent up that road for nothing…I was meant to save her as she was.


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