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9 ft High and 18 ft Deep

I'm copying Shyam's comment on Luzee's article in with due respect and permission from him:

I feel sorry for Laden. It indeed was too bad of Mr. Idol, but why did Laden idolize him? It is only human nature to act like God when being idolized. And he forgot he was on earth when he was lifted too high by Laden's degree of words and trust.Laden lifted him 9 feet high and he burried her 18 feet deep.
Were those sympathetic words only to make Laden weep?
Was that promise of friendship only in thoughts to keep?
Late and lonely night talks,
Life story of unknown nature spoken over lonely walks.Trust, and hearts won,
Hollow words and truth left to mourn
Laden and even her best friend tagged you the best man in town
Why the hell did you left them alone low and down?To trust is good but to over trust in expectation hurts. Laden never expected her Idol to be telling lies (He was the most decent Man on God's earth after all) and Mr. Idol never wished Laden to discove…

Happy Birthday L

Yes we met many years back But the first time we met, You’d too outgrown a nature, And me a timid little girl. I respected you for being our counsellor And worked hard any task I was given We shared only one Or two words at the most The hot Saturday morning I still remember, How you would scamper by Dressed in short pink skirt I didn’t know we would become friends One we would take farther down the line And here I look back, I know nothing would be more beautiful Oh yes, you didn’t talk to me for many days! Did I fail you there? Or maybe it was you But we are still friends How many birthdays have we Celebrated together with letters? This isn’t just another day I know this is special You haven’t grown a beard Your hair hasn’t grayed But oh yes, You are a woman now And on this day special May you become even wiser May you talk even more And may you have a great birthday /Author’s note: L has taken two weeks’ leave from office and is somewhere in the wilderness where the mobile network doesn’t catch her. I have sta…

Look Up

I don't know if I believe in miracles. I have been losing hope in hard work.
Have I not worked hard enough? Have I not understood well enough?
Life could never be anything more...
But go on....