Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The First and the Best

I feel so reassured to know that there are generous and kind people in the world. Because of the difficult people I have met, I have been beginning to think that maybe the world has come to be a sad place where people forgot to treat each other kindly, the way we would want others to treat us.

My family and I visited Adelaide over a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) at the invitation of a friend who lives there. She was in Bhutan before to help Bhutanese by conducting training on hand therapy. She has donated equipment too at the hospital and she is visiting again for the same purpose. She works hard to help people and believes that she can make a world a better place. It is nice to know that there are people who care about our country and want to genuinely help. I am blessed to have crossed path with her (thanks to my husband) and I feel so happy knowing that there are such great people. Now I am not saying this because she treated us so well. I know she will treat anyone she comes to know the same way. I was surprised at how well she treats her staff and patients. The way she talks to her patients is like she is talking to a baby, showing so much care and concern. And I was surprised too by how much energy and enthusiasm they put in what they do. Wow, yes, we have so much to learn! We cannot just be working for the sake of getting some money. We gotta be enjoying what we do.

I found that Adelaide is a wonderful place. Coming from a remote village, I have never got myself to like noisy, city life. I loved the gentle hills, the beautiful parks and oh, yes, the mighty, turquoise green ocean. I was bit apprehensive about the visit because I didn’t meet her before and it was the first time that I would be staying at a Chilip’s house. But no, all my apprehensions were unfounded. This tells me that human beings, yes, human beings after all are all human beings and we are all same, no matter what culture we are brought up in, and what religion we have been made to believe.

This is our first and best Christmas Gift. I went to the girls’ Christmas party at her friend’s house, which gave me another realization that, no matter where we come from, we all like humors and we all tease our friends the same way, trying to climb as high up their sleeve as we can and then raze them down to ground by teasing them till they blush.

It is surprising that Australia has huge farmlands, and a person can own more than 100 acres of it. Thanks to her, I got to see that too. The vast farmlands, the way they live there and how beautiful it is. But it is sad that a famous hand surgeon who is the owner and owns 100 acres of farm is living there on weekends to forget the stress that he gets from his work. As I walked in the garden, and looked at the beautiful blue sky, and then over to the vast stretches of land, I felt so small and then, it brought back my childhood memories.

Everything was so perfect. But I missed my sisters and my mother. Just like a child, I wanted to run to my mother’s lap and watch the world from there, but this time, I know better. I know that we live in a circle. And it is wrong to teach our children that people are very different from each other.  

For the great lessons and great time that I had on this trip, this is with me to stay. And I want to etch every single moment in my brain. Every person must be wonderful, but we don’t always get to see that in people every day. This fabulous weekend brought me home a reassurance that I have long wanted and I am so glad. And I want this to last.

[FB Status today: I feel so blessed. If there was any moment where I felt ill at myself, I repent. I am blessed for sure, because, for all these years I have lived, I have been blessed to cross paths with many wonderful people. I think, human beings at the core are kind souls. They probably want to splash up some ego only in the ignorance of wanting to appear better. Whatsoever, I'M BLESSED.]

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