Friday, February 22, 2008

The Wait Too Long

I sat heavy and harried
Bleary eyed and worried
What was going on inside
I didn't know

I prayed. I prayed till
I felt a relief inside me
and knew everything would be fine

I waited. And I waited.
Nearly four long hours and
I was called in.

" This is the mass that's taken out,"
Said the nurse.
"It will be sent for biopsy."
Did I know what that meant?
I asked my husband.

We waited for the doctor
Thought he'd have information.
He said she'll be kept in ventilation
"The tumor was vascular."
Everything confused me.
I was tired.

I could fall asleep waiting outside
But the weary eyes wouldn't close.
I wanted to know she was fine.

I wanted to sit by her
Hold her hands and,
tell her everything
was okay.

The fan kept roaring
People waiting in the lounge shouted
They walked here and there
thousand times

I could have counted their steps
but not minutes
The guard at ICCU never called
The wait was too long.

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