Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teaching My Mother to Read

My brother called me… (13th May, 2007) After the usual how are you doings, I told him that we went to Begana today but Ama didn’t go because she wanted to stay home and study. I told him that I often lose patience while teaching her and our methods don’t agree. But he told me that there isn’t any hurry and that she could learn the way she wants. And that kicked me somewhere – then, I realized hard that I have made a mistake by thinking that I could do her good by finding some ways of learning that I think is good. How could I have been blind?

I have read in many writings that we shouldn’t mistake that what we think is good for someone is good for them because, we should consider their feelings and not our feeling of what we think is good for them. Then I made up my mind to teach her as she wants me to. I can’t take her as I would any other student, not because she is my mother, because now she has seen more world than me and she doesn’t have to feel I know better. I don’t of course.

I love her so much and I owe her for so many things in this world. I regret for being harsh on her at times while I was teaching her to read and I just want to hope that I didn’t bruise her feelings by being so teacher-like. I meant good and I hope she knows.

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