Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Love Stories Again

Once school resumed, I have felt more rushed because I have to make sure that my daughter is ready for her school on time. I also have to get my son ready for his day care. It is better when my husband is home but when he is not, the rush is more than I can handle. Day before yesterday, I got late to wake up. It was almost 7 a.m. and you can imagine the worst. Bouts of emotions – anger, rush, and frustration. And I scolded my daughter who seemed to take forever to get out of bed even though she had been awake a long while.

Because of this rush, I feel like watching a movie peacefully, or sleeping without having to worry about breastfeeding my son in my sleep. And so, I turned to watching Korean Drama. Sometimes it is tedious to watch them, with non-stop episodes and the slow run. But I watched three of them recently. And my husband warned that it was the last one I would be watching. He does not like it because it disturbs my sleep, which results in me not being able to be in the best of shape to cater to my children. I agree with this. So the one I watched last – which is called ‘While You Were Sleeping’ has to be the last.

But I have also started reading the love stories. It brings me memories of me in high school. I read novels even when I did not understand meanings of many words/sentences. But in a way, it also helped me grow and understand emotions better. I read them late in the night when my children have gone to bed and I find myself wanting to go on even when my eyes can’t keep open. When I was in class 12, I would pray and read novels so much that I would actually wish I had the same passion for the subjects I had to study. From one perspective, it probably did not take me anywhere in my life. But we can also say that it did.

Even now when I read them, I get to travel, imagine, and be young again. And I think it makes me live better. 

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