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Finding happiness in serving others

I’m more a social worker than a technical person. I sometime wonder if I have studied the right course and got the right job. But of course no matter where we are, there is always something we can do to help others.
The recent voluntary work I did was the Blood Donation Campaign organized at the JDWNR Hospital, Thimphu. I always feel panic worrying if it would go well but of course, it is no match to the happiness I feel afterwards. The feeling you get later is so rewarding that you can bask in the sun, look at the stars or sing a song and forget that you will need to worry about what you will eat tomorrow. 
I organized and participated in several cleaning campaigns too. I sometime tell my friends that I’m gonna die looking for volunteers. But it is not that I don’t enjoy it. I feel completely fulfilled and happy when I am able to help the society and the people through such small effort. It is not like you need a lot of money or you need to be extremely skilled to do such small things …