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About Me

I am happily married and I am mother of five year old daughter and seven months son. I am from Menchari, a very isolated village in Bartsham. I now live in Thimphu with my family and 72 year old mother.

I consider myself as a person flowing with time, sometimes exasperated by how life can go out of tune. I read, write, sing and watch movies, much as anyone else. But now, I mostly spend my time playing with my children. Whether it is singing, building a house, or cooking, in pretend-play, we build a world of our own and we find ourselves weaving memories of our own.

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Dechen in K2

Dechen was in K2, Kuensel on August 2, where daycare centres and early childhood development was covered. I just thought putting about it here would help me keep record about it.

So bogged down to add anything more at the moment. I can only say that I am a proud mother.

Dongkala – a Rare Buddhist Pilgrim Site

I felt as if I have been straying. On 25th May, a group of us, including my family members went to Dongkala in Paro, a very important spiritual place. I had longed to visit it for a very long time, but somehow the plan never fell into place. There is a road right up to the monastery now; though it is a very rough uphill drive, it is worth all the heat and dust that you have to tolerate for around two hours. Now, I feel as if I am on the path.
It is right up on the top of the mountain, above all other hills and mountains; when you reach there, you feel as if you are above the world. From that plateau of heaven, you can see other temples and monasteries on the nearby hills. You can see both Thimphu and Paro valley as well.
Dongkala monastery was founded by Terton Tshering Dorji, who has left a footprint on a slab of stone, now stationed inside the monastery. The main nang rten is the statue of Buddha which is discovered by Terton Pema Lingpa from Mebar Tsho in Bumthang. It is said to …