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Family and imperfection

I cannot tell you how fun it is to be a mother. But, I also cannot tell you how frustrating it is sometimes. If you are laughing your heart out with your toddler this moment, next moment you are fighting your heart out in how not to shout at him/her. Once you are a mother, each moment of your life is a mixture of different emotions. But on a positive note, the positive emotions almost always win the negative ones.
One day, I reached home from my office to find that the carpet in the sitting room had three big holes and the heater was all burned out and black. I was to learn that my three year old daughter, Dechen, burned the candle (a big rectangle shaped candle) on the heater. She imitated cooking food. She told me that she burned a cup, but I could not really figure out. I didn’t understand that there would be no trace left of it. Her words were, “I put a cup on the heater. Now there is no cup to cook food in”. When I asked my 71 year old mother who looks after her in my absence d…