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I do not plan to look beautiful or very different from the real me. But when my friend said we would go to a parlor and try doing our hair a different way, I jumped for the plan. And here I sit in the parlor as the beautiful girls work on my hair.

My friend and colleague Ngawang sit beside me. I don't know what runs in her mind but I'm definitely a little excited about how my hair might look.

I have never really thought of taking a different look. Once in a while I would imagine wearing a wig - not because I liked the idea of disguising but because I had no patience in growing my hair. Even now, my hair isn't very long. But after repeated advice from my friends, I tried to grow it and this time, I succeeded a bit.

Maybe today is the start. Maybe from today, I will want to wear my hair long. Maybe from today, I will want to wear my hair long down my shoulders. I will get a picture of this new look. You gotta wait. So am I.

I'm writing this as I sit in the parlor. They did s…

Picnic at Samtegang

We planned a picnic last year and never happened. One thing or another always kept missing and it just couldn’t fall into place. But this time, we really meant to make it and make it we did. We gathered at office at 10:30am on 26th April. I thought L and I would be the first ones but there were people who were more excited than we were. Already most of them were waiting. When we divided the group to go into different cars, we were with a different group. But in the last minute, we found we had to adjust. So we jumped in with Sangay Thinley. He started driving only a week back and my thought the day we discussed about picnic was not to go in his car. But so much for my fear when it manifested – jumped in his car and we sped before others did. So much laughter filled the car and we were a little jumpy. I guess our hearts couldn’t just rest peacefully in their case. We stopped a while at Hongtsho and bought Singara and Appy. Then we had no time to look back. We were at Dochula – the beau…