I do not plan to look beautiful or very different from the real me. But when my friend said we would go to a parlor and try doing our hair a different way, I jumped for the plan. And here I sit in the parlor as the beautiful girls work on my hair.

My friend and colleague Ngawang sit beside me. I don't know what runs in her mind but I'm definitely a little excited about how my hair might look.

I have never really thought of taking a different look. Once in a while I would imagine wearing a wig - not because I liked the idea of disguising but because I had no patience in growing my hair. Even now, my hair isn't very long. But after repeated advice from my friends, I tried to grow it and this time, I succeeded a bit.

Maybe today is the start. Maybe from today, I will want to wear my hair long. Maybe from today, I will want to wear my hair long down my shoulders. I will get a picture of this new look. You gotta wait. So am I.

I'm writing this as I sit in the parlor. They did something to my hair and now here I am - sitting and waiting as there is slow heat drying my hair. I am getting a little tired too. This internet helps but it is 8:40pm (BKK Time) and there is no one online.

Anyway, I'm all for the go - and here I am. LET ME LIVE AND BE HAPPY WHILE I HAVE TIME IN MY HAND.

Here is the picture: From Left: Me, Phub Dem, Ngawang, Sonam Lham, and Yangden. This is a new hairstyle...not very different from the old one. You will see the old one in "Picnic at Samtegang."


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