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Life's Lesson

I feel that we have to make certain sacrifices in life and we have to be happy with what we have because no matter where we try to go, there won't be a place or a reason that will keep you perfectly happy forever.

I love you more than I can say

I'm listening to this old song, "I love you more than I can say." I'm already feeling sadness gripping me. I'm alone sitting here, wondering what best to do.

I'm having this tough time where I get irritable and sick; where I get snappy and miserable. But I am not losing my mind completely.

I'm really wondering what I must ask, if I had just one chance to ask God to grant me a wish.

And no matter who says, "I love you more than I can say," I think we cannot just believe it is true. Except that you can trust the person who has first won your heart and trust.

People who are flung into your life after that are those who are there only to test your strength, not really to take you on the path through love.

Indulging bodies in the water; missing the beloved

Karma, Tshoki and I lay in the water, face up, looking at the sky. I know hundred thoughts ran in our head; but we spoke only few words. The sound of the waves shook our heart—but it only took us further away from ourselves. We rode into an imaginary land of bliss.
Benny sat a little above us. We asked him to join us and enjoy the beauty of nature. At such time, it is as if our mind blends with the phenomena all around it.
Two meters away from us sat a couple. It was dark. We could only see the silhouette of things around. Suddenly we were talking about the couple and wishing that we each had our beloved with us. All our eyes focused on them. Benny missed his wife so much that he had a tough time controlling his emotions. Then the three of us talked about our beloved back home. But I gave that up and went back to the resort. I lay down in the dark under the canopy and dreamed a long beautiful dream. I was alone. I always prefer to be alone when I have to weave a beautiful dream.
I could …

Ms. Kuenzang, how was the sunset?

New Friends [at] the Shore