I love you more than I can say

I'm listening to this old song, "I love you more than I can say." I'm already feeling sadness gripping me. I'm alone sitting here, wondering what best to do.

I'm having this tough time where I get irritable and sick; where I get snappy and miserable. But I am not losing my mind completely.

I'm really wondering what I must ask, if I had just one chance to ask God to grant me a wish.

And no matter who says, "I love you more than I can say," I think we cannot just believe it is true. Except that you can trust the person who has first won your heart and trust.

People who are flung into your life after that are those who are there only to test your strength, not really to take you on the path through love.


PaSsu said…
Well that makes little no sense to me, because you tend to say "first come first serve" sort of thing. Destiny play strange games and often the best comes along un-noticed somewhere in the middle or the last. But for sure best doesn't come first...those first are as you say "to test your strength".
Anyway, "I love you more than I can say" happens to be one of my fav. song!

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