Sitting here at a Korean bakery, I am reminded of a Korean Serial I watched recently. I find myself in the shoes of that actress where she has to make a lot of sacrifices in her life. It is always she who has to bear all the pain—even when she has no fault. And now, when I’m made to wait for an indefinitely long time, I feel I am taken advantage of. I know this friend didn’t intend it this way but you know, I can’t help feeling a little ridiculous having to wait for someone.

I’m sitting outside this Korean bakery. It has started to rain heavily. I can see two workers carrying two metal bars each and walking in the rain without umbrella. A bit further away, I see another worker, collecting the sand and stone chips into a shed. And there goes two young school boys holding each other’s hand. And there comes three monks, talking in a very relaxed manner. As I wait here, I feel I can even count the cars that pass by, but I know this will only mean wasting time. Oh and these three monks just walked into the same bakery I am at. I wonder that it must be a famous place. I have been here before and I remember seeing many youngsters. It has to be famous. But it isn’t a big wonder—we can see so many people getting hooked over Korean movies and their fashion.

Is he coming yet? I look down and I still don’t see him. This restaurant is right across from the Norling building. He has to walk through that Norling building. I must have glanced that way a hundred times now and I’m still waiting. But I’m saying that it is okay…I must meet him today or whatever work I must achieve will never be done. Anyway…he isn’t coming yet and it seems like I have to wait for a long time.

Oh there—now a group of Motithang Higher Secondary School students walk down in the rain. But don’t forget, I’m still waiting here.


PaSsu said…
Oscar Wilde defied all the others and said punctuality is a waste of time...and waiting of course is. You should have counted the cars, it helps in passing the time without pain.Anyway the positive side of it is that you compared yourself to an actor!

Well Did he come?
Kuenza said…
Oh yes, he did come. He had a friend with him who had the knack for jokes and made me laugh till the evening faded away....So it was worth the wait.

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