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I confess I have been a selfish human being

The thought that I am a bit more selfish than I would like to admit to myself occurred to me a few times, but each time, I warded it off saying that it is not the case. But last Sunday, I peeled off all layers of ego, and told myself that I am still a bit more selfish than I would like to admit.
I must confess too that I feel I am way too considerate of others and it inconveniences me sometimes.
Last Sunday, my family and I attended a Bhuddhist Ceremony of offering a religious hat to His Holiness Lopen Thegchog in Paro. So many people had gathered and the hall was so packed. My three year old daughter Dechen and I were squeezed in a corner in the last row. Because there was a small space next to me where my daughter sat (but currently left empty as she sat on my lap), people eyed it and took it up. So we were even more squeezed. She got so restless after a few minutes and she had least interest in the ceremony. When my ideas of keeping her engaged got exhausted, I told her that it wa…

Happy first day school!

11th March, 2014
Dear Dechen,
You started your school from yesterday. You were excited by the school having swings, see-saw and playhouse. You thought it was a park. Once you were inside, when your carer took out the toys, you asked her, ‘oothu sho hang ya?’ (what is this?) picking up one toy after another. You were lucky that she spoke Sharchop.
I scribbled a small letter to you as soon as I got home, wishing that you would have the spirit of Masha, our favourite character. And really darling, I hope you will learn all the good things and I believe you have now begun the journey to shaping yourself for the world that is. I don’t want to force you into choosing anything that you don’t want to – and I really, really want to give you a chance to grasp what you like, and become what you want to be, building up on your own inherent talent, instead of forcing my beliefs …