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Life’s Desperation

(Tuesday, December 12, 2008)I wonder what they are praying for. I know all of them have been through hardship and life certainly was not a bed of roses for them. But why didn’t they choose not to take the same path millions of people have?I am here at the chorten, circumambulating like many others. I am praying but I cannot help notice the different people here with different stories written on their faces. I wonder what secrets they hold deep inside their mind. I wonder what hardship they bore all those long years in the younger age. People here are usually old ones but we can see younger ones too. Old people stay the whole day at chorten whereas younger ones circumambulate for a short while and go back. For old people, chorten is a haven. The Thimphu Memorial Chorten is the only place where people from different walks of life gather and different stories are spoken and made friends. For them, it is the place where they really feel themselves: once again free, independent and at peac…