Dechen and Rigzin with their cousin Wangsel during Thimphu Tshechu, 2018


Rigzin and Dechen during Tarayana Fair, 2018

Dechen during Thimphu Tshechu, 2014

Dechen ready to go to Thimphu Tshechu (2013) - it started from 14th September

Dechen walking majestically to Tshechu. I find it little funny noticing her tiny nose.

Dechen and I got lost on the way -- my mother and husband walked fast and we were lost in the crowd. So we chose to sit here. Despite the sun, we could see the dances properly. 

Dechen stood on the wall to get a better view

Dechen was sleeping so peacefully that I couldn't help take a picture. It didn't come out so clear. I wished I were an artist. What a camera captures is not even half of what the eyes observe [10th June, 2013]. 

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