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Snatches of Conversation
I’m sorry that it has to come to an end this way. It has nothing to do with not loving you. It has turned out this way. Sometimes, things have their own hand on us…we can’t really make them not happen.

My dear, just keep smiling…because that seems to be the best way to live and let the world blow with her own cruelty.

If something is damaged, we can mend. What is hurt can be healed. If life were to be lived backwards, there need not have been a future. What matters is how you are going to live and how you are going to end your story.

If you are not there when I need you, where is the use of your loving me? If I find you gone, when I’m lonely, where is the use of your being mine?

It is same for everyone. Everyone has to fall in love, and everyone has to feel the pain.
For me, life means living each new day, hoping, we could live better than yesterday, not having to bring yesterday into the memoirs of today. It doesn’t mean that you have to overlook the past altogether…it only means you have to live each day in a more meaningful way.
Truth hurts. I’m a casual lover. I share talks of love and emotion with everyone, why not learn not to take my words at heart?

It seems like an effort to come to writing letters after a long relapse of lousy days.

To judge how you are in my eyes is for me, and not for you to tell me. If I lead my life this way, it is my style. If I know I have been going wrong, I had already had it done. I dun wanna try making it up. If I tried and I failed, it is not my fault. If someone wants to be true, it is for him to decide. No one has a hand in trying to make someone understand how his life should be led.

If what I do gives me pleasure, there is no reason why I shouldn’t practice it.

I’m happy to look back and know that I can call you my friend.

Each day comes with its own special meaning, showing how you age and how we learn. And showing how much someone means in our life. I’m mighty happy just to know that, I have a good lot of people like you around.

I feel so happy just to know that you are there and I can trust you no matter what. Life seems a lot easier when I turn around and find that you are there waiting for me.

No matter what course of twist and turns life may take, we will be friends forever.

For once we were out of touch and you know I didn’t like the time when I could never have a mail or hear your voice.

It doesn’t hurt me. I have learnt more than to let something prick my life. I know when I’m heading down the drain. I will not die just because I did something wrong. I will rather choose to live to correct it.

I felt the overpowering loom of uncertain sadness.

You know I’m happy that you are gonna come here. It will be great to see you in the place I have known you.

Whether for good or bad, we are through it and that is what makes me happy.

It is fun alright, but I still wanted you here.

I don’t think there is so much to share in so long a letter but I would love to hear all you have got to share. As for me, life has been all it has been, all this time.

And death…it is hanging around us like a shadow. Right, we near it with each passing second. When our body ceases to function we are gone, and that is death. So what is so scary? We dread to die because we dread to live right. It is all up to us-how we choose to live and how we choose to die. Only wise chooses to die in peace and with dignity.

We might not have made any promises, but for friends, you need not have a day where you need to make a promise.

I do not delight in defending myself and putting up reasons. But still, I guess, you will want to hear me explain. I will be there when I will be there and we will talk it through.

Truth only brings two hearts closer. Lies just do not work.

I wish I can turn back the time. But life has to be lived forwards. So all we can do is look forward; there is no time to look back and cry.

You have got good sense to love me, good sense to accept my love, good sense to feel what I feel and good sense to keep things alive.

The universe is in itself an interlink of beings and elements. We cannot stand out alone, separate from the rest and say hell with life.

Higher you stand better help you are to the world.

There is no time to stand back and reason, and assess the situation credits.

People’s interest and expectations are not something you think of when you are living your life.
Love him like you can never love again. Love him like love can ever be…love him more for he made you love him.

With love nourishing the dreams; with dreams inspiring the confidence; with confidence invoking the enthusiasm and with enthusiasm waking the ability.

The relationship of heart is so wonderful. Even when it is far, it makes it seem so near.
Over-done comedies beyond a human act.

Life sometime is confusing but not really so, if you give yourself space to be yourself and don’t let the small naggings make a big hole in your heart. I think it is only when you have time to worry about not being able to be yourself with the man who loves you that you get confused. I have now realized that, life can’t be happier than it gets when there is someone who cares and loves you truly.

I haven’t changed much but life demands a different kind of you when you grow up and you have to but obey.

I have become so sincerely a woman now

Sometimes, things work in very intricate ways that u cannot explain. Many things in life run in the incredible ways u cannot explain but u can only grasp its beauty. That is at least what I feel.

It is only words that we have shared. So whatever fleetingly passes in our mind cannot be trusted at this moment.

To show u the art of passion

I wish I could say I was the best teacher but I feel the intensity of passion and I am its slave.
Well I risk offending u by telling u my feelings and I’m very happy you consider it.

So beautiful…a goddess too far to touch

I think there is some deeper understanding between us, now.

You are lucky only when you are prepared. Luck doesn’t come to those who cannot choose to do things wisely.

Want that bad, I can feel your soul from here. it’s the intensity of my feelings that is hard to describe, I feel like I need u.

We are supposing a lot of things and building our dreams.

Little girl look which appeals to me

The thrill is in the hunt as well, it’s not only the kill

Well, it is up to sensible people to evaluate and assess you and not you assessing yourself. You could not see yourself unless you pick a mirror. Others have to see you and tell you who you are.

You are a fluffy cloud of pleasantness

The stupid are very brave. We are all like ants in the grand scheme of things

I’m aware potentially everything I do could be wrong but that’s life… imperfect.

I kind of thought I had beaten the odds so I may as well walk away a lucky man for the rest of my life.

There will never be any animosity in my heart for you or anyone. It takes two to fight
Well I would be skeptical of strangers who promise me the sun, moon and stars. Simply because you can’t fool an honest man and I straight away think its bull shit marrying someone or even giving someone the time of day just because they are from a rich country

There’s a sort of emotion attached to it. But for some people they attach the wrong emotion but I don’t want to hang out with neo conservative people who have no concept of enjoying their lives.

I’d rather be in love and a relationship than married and not in love like being in prison

He called me and it was such a pleasant thing that happened. It was bit unexpected. I felt so happy that he was there for me, a very good friend. A hope of beauty and happiness rekindled into life.

I still feel something I cannot really name. Somehow a hope, a dream still lingers on.

I take only a small space of this world…I am just one person among many. I can’t compete and I can’t win; neither do I have any intention of such things. Somehow I feel like, I am being manipulated. Am I that fragile? People have got me wrong. How would you feel if you found out that you were being laughed at and everything was a lie? I guess the price you pay for trusting a person is too high. Sometimes you will see that the price exceeds even the tears and hurts. It asks for more than you can give. I was pulled down from such a height that I banged hard on the floor. No positive thoughts could console me. What would you do?

It was an unseen blow, hanging around unnoticed for a long time.

I may get hurt, but I will have the strength to come back online with my life.

You will someday know how much it hurts when you know that someone has pretended to do you good just because someone asked him to.

I wasn’t seeking sympathy. I was looking for justice.

From My Friends
No matter how fleeting love may be, yet it is more than anything. Single moment of love exceeds the enjoyment of 1000 years.

My dearest K, I’m really sorry for whatever I have done to you. You are a great lady I ever came across in my life. Your inner beauty is drawing me closer to you more than ever. There is really no end in my admiration of your patience. I’m sorry for everything. I admire your uniqueness. The principle on which you are living will always fascinate me.

Dear Kuenzang, You and I chose to be best of friends because we have so much of similarities. Hmm…so equally are our differences. Nyonba.

Without you, I feel like food without taste, sleep without sleep, life without soul and health without heart.

I would not create a new wound as the old wound is already healed. It bleeds if you rub.You may not see me…but I’m watching and hearing you. You may forget but remember, someone doesn’t, although he goes quiet.It’s not the presence of someone that brings the meaning to life but it is the way someone touches your heart which gives life a beautiful meaning.-Jimy

You miss bunking class and going to movies? he he…that’s so like u . I came online today to chat with my keli. He is still here in Bombay but all the same I can’t see him. I miss him terribly.-Leki

There won’t be anyone whose life had been never inflicted by disagreements …no person is same but love binds together n minimizes the differences…….but the complete sameness is not possible……..everyone passes the same track….I mean there will be differences by any means….Cheku(NIE)


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