Sin of a Butcher

Just a minute ago, I read the article by BhutaneseIdiot titled “Against the Religion”. I am mighty glad to see that there are people in Bhutan who really are aware of what is going on around him.

Killing is not just a sin because you take the life of another but more because you delight on the idea of eating him to satisfy yourself. What a shame to think that, the taste linger on the tongue not even for a second.

We can now see so many meat shops in Thimphu. I just walk around in town and I get surprised to see as many meat shops as the groceries and other cloth shops. I am sure they are growing only because there is market out there in the wilderness. If we do not take meat, there is no reason why the meat shop should grow and keep piling more meat in their shops.

Butcher, I hope knows the sin he is committing by being a butcher. He probably has no choice. In the article I read in Bhutan Observer about a butcher, it seems he landed up with that job because he couldn’t find any better job that would keep him going. He said that had he the choice, he would be a teacher. Not any sane people will be happy to chop someone’s/somebody’s/something’s life. But we cannot stop this by asking or pleading someone not to eat meat because it is sinful. The realization should come from within them. If a person cannot feel the guilt for consuming the life of another, I cannot pretend to see a better picture.
If you are capable to feel even a pinch of guilt when you are served meat in front of you, you are on your way to be human.


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