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He Almost Died but for Faith

I was walking back home from the hospital. I went there to see my friend; A very good friend of mine. He has been there for a week now. I saw my friend but that wasn’t a satisfaction, though I was happy to see him. He was in no good condition. I sat beside his bed and looked at him with a pain so unbearable. I couldn’t think of me living without him. Could fate be that worse? He turned his side and looked at me. I took his hand, gave a gentle squeeze and said he would be fine, though that was nothing more than a hope of my heart. I could see tears glistening in his eyes. I understood the pain of his sickness doubled with the pain of having to part from me. we sat that way for so long, simply looking at each other with painful emotions.

I went on talking like we were just two normal people sitting by the fire, a beach or a dinner table. We talked about how much we loved each other, how we were going to live - the future and happiness. All this time I was praying hard for his life. Though I knew death to be inevitable, it was hard to face the fact of having to lose the only man I loved. He wasn’t the man who held faith in Holy Scriptures, godly sayings and prayers. He would simply follow his heart, like he would do what was right but he never really prayed or made offerings to the triple gem.

When he was driven sick, I told him to pray, to hope, to accept and to be free. He listened to me and when he had nothing else to do but go through the pain, he then chanted some prayers. I also put a picture of Guru Rinpoche above his bed where he could see.

Gradually, he changed. He didn’t feel that he should live. He knew that even if he were to die, he had nothing to lose and fear. He was just worried how I would cope up with it. We had almost accepted our fate, when I saw a glow of hope in his eyes one morning. He looked unusually happy, hopeful and lively. He had no pains and wrinkles around his eyes. We were again on our loving tours to the future we would make. Since then, he got better day by day and in a month’s time he was discharged and we were back to our life.

We won. Faith gave back his life. Our prayers were answered. Now he is one very faithful man alive and he never forgets his prayers. If faith can give you a life, who wants more? I am now happier than ever because all I can see is happy faces around.


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