Too Late Was The Right Time

The school was in full swing - the classes begun and students busy. But no matter how busy the world gets, a person always has time to consider the matter of heart. That moment, that was what Uphel was doing. Lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, his eyes half closed. He didn’t go to the class today. It was almost lunch time and soon boys would come bustling in the dorm. He had been gotten over by the charm of Dukar. She was his classmate since class six, but they had never shared more than a glance when ever they passed by. She was not only pretty, but smart; not just interesting but witty; and not just a plain girl but a full woman. His admiration for her was going beyond he could understand. And by the time they were in class ten, his feelings were almost out of control.

He wanted to tell her a long time a go that she was beautiful and that he loved her. But he didn’t have the guts to do so. He couldn’t put his feelings into form. But he had it in him which made him believe that one day she would be his. He only needed to wait for the right time and she would be in his arms.

Time ran and studies became the top priority. He had more dreams to work for. Sometimes, he would tell himself that he would be someone very important in future and she would be his wife, proudly, and elegantly walking beside him.

It was him…others couldn’t have waited for so long a year to be the right time. At the farewell after their ICSE, all of them spoke about how bad it would be to part from each other and how the days together were so beautiful. Everyone exchanged addresses and then hugged and some even cried. He made his way to where Dukar was. This is the time he thought. He approached and they talked about how sad it was when time came finally to part from each other. He succeeded merely to get her addresses. They promised to write each other.

Starting that winter vacation, they were in constant touch, writing long emotional letters. They wrote about how they missed their school days and how they longed for it once again. With more emotions shared, he felt comfortable now to write to her about his feelings. He wrote:“Dear Dukar, I guess, the lifelong acquaintance we had has given to a very beautiful relationship…we are good friends now and I am so happy you were there every time I needed to share something, even if it was through letters.

I don’t want you be mollified with what I’m going to tell you. But say I must and it is important that you know. It is also time that you knew about it….” And thus he began pouring out his heart. No matter if he told her that she was the inspiration in his dead days, hope in times of shattered dreams and light in the darkened hope, the response he got from her made only one difference. He had lost her forever to another person and he could only have her in his heart. She wrote to her that she was engaged which took place just a week a go. A week a go? He was late anyway.

If his dream was cracked before, it completely got shattered now.


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