Making it our Home

From right: me, Karma, Leki, Lungten, Kinley & Tenzin

There were only six of us left in college after two batches of seniors passed out. (Guys excluded). As time neared for us to graduate, we felt more at home there and at times we even wished there were few years more to study. On the other hand, the responsibility to be a working woman hanged an indomitable weight on us.

Four years wasn’t so short to think of but it passed in almost a flicker of second. In the beginning we didn’t quite like the place, or the people (we were studying in India.) We were like, when is four years gonna come to an end? And when it did, we were dumbstruck with the feeling that crept in amidst the blues of having to part from friends. I did not have many close Indian friends, but it did mean more than simple parting. Four years of togetherness set in my heart a gloom of heaviness.

Five of us were together everywhere. We flocked like feathers of a single bird. (L got along so well with Indians and she often hanged out with them). We cooked in the room despite the rules not allowing it. We rushed to the basket ball court soon after 4:00 p.m and then when the dusk set in we would retire from there and rush to the bathrooms. We would sing to the top our voice, shout at each other…and dance or whistle all the way. Shouting at each other didn’t mean rudeness; it was a way of expressing closeness.

After having a meal, we would sit in a circle and talk on almost everything…you give me a topic and I can tell you there is nothing we didn’t cover. It was too much of a home in fact. Though we missed parents and home, together we made it a heaven. Sometimes we would just sit together and then start sending ‘sms’ to guys, teasing them to the height – I’m sure they did blush.
And if one of us felt low, rest cheered her up. Once Keli had a problem with the warden and we stood in line to face it. I even went to the principal to talk about it… (Guess what? He sent me away saying it was nothing to do with me and she should talk herself.) The reason was that she swore in the face of warden when she was caught coming a few minutes late to the hostel in the evening. I’m sure we gave warden a headache but who cared if we got what we sought? (I think I’m not being honest…we did care a lot in fact)We were too much into ourselves to look far. She often acted unreasonable and I think we always gnawed on it.

No matter what happened, we always stood together and together we made everything simpler. We could laugh through the tears…

Three of them are still there in the college and I write to keli everyday expressing how much I miss college and those times together. It wasn’t just fun…it was more than happiness.


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