Why Shouldn't I?

There are times when people comment on small things without even thinking deeper to the depth of their own mind. Thats when it narrowly brings into account the silliest thought.
I will narrate what happened a year back during our farewell in the college. We have this system of asking questions, say, a kind of ragging to the final year students who pass out and the fresher who join college.

There, my turn came and people asked me what I thought of…hmm, I can’t really remember but it was kind of personal. I just shrugged my shoulder and said, why the hell? I was like, why shouldn’t I be what I want to be and why shouldn’t I become who I want to be?

No matter what goes on in the world, later what matters is how well you have understood yourself, and in being so, how much you have let yourself develop with the pure choice of your liking. I have never been a revolt to anyone. I have lived up to the expectations of my parents and I have not let my friends down. So if what I do doesn’t affect a scratch of someone’s life, I should as well go my way.

It is when you have time to judge that you forget to enjoy your life and that is when you forget that you have left less than what you have already lived to make it right.


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