Are you Any Wiser?

Every person has his own way of looking at things. His own way of doing things and his own ways of evaluation. It is all a matter of different perspective. I don’t understand why we go on talking about what other people do and don’t. We keep assessing them in our ways and giving them unnecessary remarks.

Say, we find a person who is a bit too talkative, bossy and arrogant. Then we go back to our room or as soon as we are away from that person, we talk about that person “Oh my god! He is a snob. I don’t like him…”, “he is a perfect dumbo…”, “he swears too much…” and so on. And we tend to tell others what kind of person he is. Why can’t we leave him as he is? Do you think you are any better or wiser? If so, why can’t you just leave him as he is and accept him as he is? We gossip a bit too much. Unless we bring some character into picture, the talk comes to an end. Or we particularly are fond of saying bad things about others or we just do not know anything better to do. We are all too proud to think of ourselves; to think if we are any better. Maybe we fear, lest we find ourselves dumber.

I am not trying to say that I don’t talk about others. It is just that I sometime wonder why we talk lot more about others than some useful things. Anyways, it doesn’t make a difference whether we talk about others or not, ain’t it? Men say, women are the gossiper but I have found that men are even worse. Won’t you agree girls? Hehe. I mean, men talk too - of course, more about their counterparts.


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