My Perspective of Life and Religion

Leaving behind normal life would only mean you would encounter fewer problems or you wouldn’t face any problem you face in normal life. In a way it is like running away from your life because you cannot deal with it. I was born in a Buddhist society and I believe too strongly in the karmic consequences. I feel that, being away from normal life would mean leaving behind the desires. Whenever I get time, I get down at the Buddhist Stupa and circumambulate it. I go there with my mother during weekends. (She goes there everyday).

When you are away from the entire desire invoking world, I think you get an inner view from within your mind that makes you realize what life really is. Probably, then you know that life is not about fancy cars and parties, neither about your loved ones and relatives. It is about how you look at life and how you tackle with things that come with it. I read but haven’t read extensively to understand anything worthy. But from my personal view, I think that life is not about what religion you follow, what kinda of family you are born to and which country you are from, but it is about your attitude that looks at and binds other people and things with respect to you and yourself with respect to them. Only when you feel that everything is independent and relative do you get the feeling of care, love, guilt and pain.

Note* it is a conversation I had with one of my friends.


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