A Walk in the Night

How would you feel to be walking alone in the night when not a single soul is awake? When all you can feel around you is that eerie feeling of being watched by a hanging spirit of the place? You feel yourself shivering at the thought that crosses your mind. You try to be bold. All the faith you have comes alive at your rescue – you pray hard that you are not the victim of all the ghost stories you have heard. You try to conceal the fear and say, ‘I don’t believe in it’, but you feel it right in your bones, that trembling tremor of your blood. Blood runs cold. It is such a sinisterly scene. It is dark all around and you can hear just the noise of your footsteps and nothing more. You kinda look around in the hope of seeing a friendly figure, a human. You can’t even crane your neck full with the fear of seeing some unholy figure. The world itself seems dead and only the spirits seem to linger around, full alive, saying it is their time. You can’t win but walk back to your nest and let them have their way. You come back to your place but you still tremble to think again of that walk in the night. Alone you were.


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