Dead World

I stood there at the vestibule of the building…a huge building surrounded on all four by very thick walls.
The world itself seemed dead. There was no soul to be heard or felt. I was alone, wondering at the inanimate things raging around in zing. I prayed for the world - for the peace to prevail, for the wars to end and for the people to understand. I felt calmness and a deep melancholy engulfing me from within as I sensed deeper into the prayer I was offering. I started thinking of home, my parents and the people in the world. What might they be doing at this hour? I couldn’t help but love and at the same time pity them.

I prayed for my parents to live long and in peace. I promised never to turn away from spiritualism, even if I were to be threatened with life. I turned back to the room as tears filled my eyes with a glowed temptation of leaving this futile worldly life behind. The urge was too much to contain and I couldn’t do anything more but to pray that I make up fine till that end, where I can opt for what I have in mind. I can’t give a shock to my parents. I just prayed that no calamity befall before those dreams. I promised to help the world with any small thing I could. Even if it is a small pinch of work, I want to do it and do it with my heart. Let me not perish before my dreams.


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