Letter to L on New year (2007)

1st January 2007
Dear L,

Here is another year and it reminds us of the year we have lived so much in fun and yet, it reminds us that we have grown a year older. I still remember the dreams we built and wishes we held deep in our heart – we thought we could really be who we want to be and we so ardently wanted to achieve something not many in history did. And here we are today, standing just where everybody stood for ages and we find that we haven’t done anything extraordinary. But, L, I know that we can still hope because, our life isn’t yet exhausted. I’m sure we can bring changes if we really try hard.

We have always talked of the beautiful times we had together and today again, I can’t help but refer to that – it was the most beautiful moments of our lives. I know we both would choose to have it once again, if we were given a choice. But, we have to go forward and look for what life can give.

L, I may not be here to call you and talk to you about how grateful I’m for having a friend like you on this very day but I would like you to know that I would be thinking of you and remembering our old days once again, making a wish that we could still have more times together that would bind us closer and teach us more about life. I may be at the time of New Year, away from the capital and in the remote villages of the east but I will still wish for you the best of everything.

I’m glad that you have found someone who can really touch your heart. I knew this will happen to you sooner or later. We are all born to be a part of someone – this teaches us how truly we can love and be true to not just ourselves but another person. It teaches us the meaning of integrity and faithfulness and that I assume is an integral part of morality itself and in essence Buddhism. By this, I’m trying to tell you that you shouldn’t chide yourself for having fallen in love because this is not a sin. I may sound like I’m trying to defend myself for having gotten married, but that isn’t my intention. I feel that it is good to have someone you can turn to in the immediate needs of dire situations and someone you can hold to your heart and know that you have someone who is truly your own.

Be happy that you have found that someone who can look you in the eyes and make you feel the tingle in your heart; someone who can hold your hand and make you get these fluffy feelings; be happy that you have found that someone who can walk with you in all moments of life. And be happy that you have found that someone who can give you the most of what life can’t.

L, on this day, I would like to wish the very best for not just this year to bring you all your wishes on your palm but also for your relationship to see the years roll by standing strong on them.

Here is my humble gift for you on this New Year. It is a very good book written by John R. Trimble. I thought this would help you know more on writing. It helps a lot.

Happy New Year. May the year bring you all the pleasantries of life.

Truly, a friend, Kuenzang.


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