Spoken Love

I love you because I can’t hate you. I can’t hate you because there is nothing in you that I don’t admire. I admire you because you are an integrity of honesty and love.

It is wonderful to love you but torture-some to miss you. I have never fallen in love with anyone this way!

When you love someone you feel too wonderful. Even missing that person is a beautiful feeling that you wish you could engrave the feeling forever.

Love is a beautiful feeling you feel for another person. Love is like a hand that mother reaches out for her child when the child wants the heart to rest his tired soul on.

I miss you because I can’t live without you. I miss you because I love you so much. I miss you because I feel so empty without you.

Without you it is just an emptiness of void....a rest of pain…thoughts of loneliness and life without a soul.

Without you, I would never want to see the sun shine, the wind blow, the stars twinkle. And I know without you, I would never be what I’m.

Sweet dreams…if I were an angel, if I had the power of magic, I’d come there right at this moment and love you, for you are mine and are truly special.

I can love you like that…I can hold you to my heart and make you feel how much I love you.

Love was the warmth that filled my heart. It was the comfort I found in the circle of his embrace. (Luzee)

That is how sweet I find you. There is no parameter to describe you. I feel it. And when I feel it, it is beautiful…something like a feathery touch. A sweet sensation.

You are the joy of my life. You are more than a life to me.

If to live were to love you and be with you, I would wish to live forever
He swooped with power, talked with dignity and moved with a reason.

You helped me walk through the darkest hours; you pulled me up from the swamp of mess. You made me smile through tears; you made me see the beauty of life.

I appreciate what you do. I trust what you say. And I love you for what you are. I even get surprised to realize that there exists a man, a person so unique and truly made in this world. I can never forget you.

I don’t make you feel good, or happy. You do because you know our love.

Missing him has become a part of my day to day activities. It is not so unusual. I think of him and I feel good because I know he is there thinking of me too.

You love me because I love you.
We love each other because we are meant for each other.

Even if there was no tomorrow, I would be happy just to have you. You are all I need.

I would give the world everything I have to be with you tonight. Think of me and I will be there.

When I can trust myself to trust you, why can’t you trust yourself to trust me?

You are all I need because you are the world to me.

To hear what’s unspoken, to see what’s unseen, to feel without touching is the miracle of love.

You’ve made me see the things I didn’t see before...made me hear the unspoken whispers of love and made me feel the tantalizing sensuals of love.


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