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From M: Dude, you know what, you’re such a special friend of mine. You don’t know that somewhere sometimes down the river once you were there for me.
Dude, may the coming anniversaries in your life make love between two of you stronger and have a beautiful life. Dude remember that your lover is the best person in the world and nothing should lessen your love for him.

To Bro. Tshering: Persistent practice is what your course demand and I know you have quite the potential for it. A brother’s word resounding in my mind, it even made me feel a little emotional. It carried me way back to the early days of my childhood when I had fun as a kid…and you invented games to keep us all gay.

To Karma: I’m sorry for being too idiotic, not even sending you a message. I was bit worried but I thought nothing wrong would come to you. Not because sickness can’t inflict you, but I’ve this faith which says you are strong and would be through with anything. It may seem that I don’t care, but your wellbeing matters to me as much.

Like a torrent of rain, my tears fall. Each time I think of you, the pain of missing you kills a part of me.

Saying ‘I love you’ isn’t so easy. When you really feel it from the depth of your heart, it takes more than just words.

You will find exam ain’t a great knocker. As your exam nears and you get busier, I miss you more. At times, I even feel lonely. At times, I miss you to the extent of breaking down. Yet, I know, you’re there for good.

When the day shines brighter and the moments dance in the sweet serenity of day’s warmth, may you have a fabulously wonderful day.

It was yesterday. Today is a day ahead, nearer to our future.

It is nice to hear you after such a long time and it is even nicer to realize that our friendship stands on the same ground of surmounting beauty despite time and distances that separate us into long silence.

Just know that somewhere in the bosom, this dumb guy got a heart.

Thoughts of possessiveness comes when there is the fear of losing the loved one. It’s not because they don’t believe you. It is because they don’t have faith in others who might take advantage of your sweetness.

I’m not in a position to know anything so crisp.

What I feel, I cannot explain. Neither do I feel like putting them into someone’s head. Because each individual is a complete entity entitled with unique way of thinking, viewing and understanding things. No one can really make anyone thin in his way. But I don’t like this crude thing of human ego.

People can talk, share, and listen, not necessarily curb the way one thinks.

Complex as humans are and different as they are from one another, they have this so called thinking capacity to adjust, accept and take in other’s feels too. we are lucky that way.

To Thinley: You sure have time, enough to make hell a heaven. All days aren’t gone with the wind. And neither are your best times spent. You have what you want, only when you are ready to receive it.

Row and Tips (with Wiseman)
--Hear with the right ear and let it out from the left rather than swallowing.
-- Dear wiseman, if I were at least three steps below you, I would have tried letting it out from the other ear. But really, wiseman, I’m imperfect human and I don’t like people who can’t mind their own f**** business. Thanks for the tip. I hope I can climb a step or two in the future and practice it.
--I cannot tolerate you doing this. Sometimes, try keeping such things within yourself. Bringing out wouldn’t do any good. Did it reduce anything in you?
--Please, if I could, I would. I’m telling you, if I were at least three steps below you, I would just say, oh forget it, what the hell? But I’m not way near your level. And me being me, I couldn’t leave it as ‘forget it’. Anyway, he really goes f****around other people’s territory and he gotta know that it is not taught in your text.


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