14th September, 05

Dear L,
I’m at a loss of word at this moment not cause I don’t have anything to say but cause I don’t know how to begin and from where. We indeed traveled a larger part of the world than I can put right out here. Days then were brighter and our laughter more lasting. Life indeed was more than a living. We really lived cause we knew the essence of ourselves and the futility of words uttered at mere envy and leisure.

Now, how far have we traveled? And for how long? Can we really count? I know days were more than countable and happiness was simply infectious. We did cry but tears never left us shattered. We always had a way to smile and a reason to laugh. Things never were too bad; and this was all because I had a friend walking beside me who saw nothing but the better side of life. You did make me see many things hidden behind the cloud of life and made me realize the meaning of being an individual.

I probably failed you for more times than I can remember. I know I couldn’t always be at your bedside every time you wanted me to be. I guess I overlooked matters that were in fact essential. I’m sorry for them. I know you have a human heart that can forgive than I can imagine about anyone else. So lemme assume that I’m forgiven for all the unlikable circumstances caused and you thus stood by me unshakably firm as the best of friend.

The journey we had had. The fun we created. The havoc we overstepped. The laughter we shared. The smiles we spread. The life we enjoyed. They were more than any beautiful adjective can describe. Our definition of friendship evolved into being able to see the projection of other person’s view. And that is how we were always ready to accept and ready to talk out and listen to each other. If there were not many things we enjoyed, we had the share of life we can never forget. As we sat and talked into the late night (esp. in 1st year), we came to understand broader reasons and meanings of life and we in fact came to believe more than ever in the reason of having to be good. It was an achievement we will carry throughout our lives. Do you remember how we used to sit in the physics lad wondering why we had to study all those things which didn’t make up the cause to liberate? Somehow we went through them all and today we stand here with something to name. We would not have built rockets and planes but if we had more of such classes, we really would have sent our minds too far to come back and sit in the class the next day. Days were still beautiful cause they gave us time to talk and analyze. It was greater fun and more meaningful, the friend being you.

Now, now…we have so much of a history and too long a story. Lemme on your birthday, not narrate our history but wish you very, very happy birthday. May the years ahead be even more fulfilling and joyous. May you live hundreds of years achieving the goals of your dreams. Your birthday gave me an opportunity and a reason to tell you a portion of my thoughts about our friendship. Likewise, taking the same opportunity, I pledge my friendship and thank you for being there for me and for being a wonderful friend.

A very happy birthday!!!


3rd August, 03

Dear Kuenza, “In true friendship, a friend knows all about you and still likes you.” Thank you for being a true friend despite the person I’m. Your friendship will be cherished for ever and ever…!!!

Dear K,

The world is at her heights, when people tend to forget everything…and new year is just another chance to relive the gone days…how was yours? Mine turned out to be quite good, despite the vacant feelings of people being missed, including you!!!

I always feel good to make resolutions, which I may or may not follow. Likely, for the year, I have drawn just few and I think I’m determined enough to give a try…lets see if I keep my word.

Looking back to the roads I have covered, I see myself having been so different…in the sense that my shrewdness has overtaken my nature many a times! Conclusively, I feel I’m this only, ain’t I? and fortunately, I have been destined with people who took me for myself, not for my nature…they accepted my humane form despite hurdle I have been for them…they laughed out the best in me and corrected my foes…they taught the best side of the coin…and did almost everything for me!!! And amongst them, I have one prominent figure who is always the foremost character. Would you be surprised if I declare that as “YOU and you only”?

Thank you for being the most tolerable friend…and don’t forget, you still have 2 and ½ more years to bear me…Ha!

C’mon…draw some hopes for the year. Live them…make them come true. You will love it!!
Always, Luzee.

5th August, 04
Dear Kuenza,

Six years with you. What could I account that to? Another phase of my life?

1999-2001: Sherubtse. Then we were hi-bye friends, barely saving ourselves from little knowings. (Little did I expect to journey another four years with you)

2001, Aug: We came to India, some 2000 miles away from home. I was as new to you as you were to me. Yet, we threaded along somehow.

Now, 2004, Aug: see the speed of time. I feel as if I’m getting to know you. Hey, that’s true. Because, in every corner of you, there is something new and interesting to explore.

Your friendship is invaluable to me, and yourself priceless. You are someone at whom I can lash airs at, because once the blows are all over, you are evergreen in your heart. I love this patience in you. Forgive me for all the misdeeds I have casted upon you. Like when I talk my secrets, you feed-back gives me the assurance, ‘Yes L, she is on your side’. Thank you for everything dear.

The best part of our friendship has been our quest for spiritualism. Thanks to you I have come an inch closer to knowing myself. Hope you remain eternal in your nature, you are simply great.

Have a great day. I shall wish that your year be wonderful as you want it. and anytime you need me, remember I’m just next door. I would be waiting for your call, be it at midnight. (Hey…no bad intention mey! Ha ha!)

Happy Birthday.


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