Small Differences

There were times when my thoughts just wouldn’t go along with some people. “Mark here, I ain’t trying to blame anyone…it is just that, at that moment and still, for a person like me I had not been blessed enough to think any divine. I accepted the fact…I just couldn’t understand you trying to take around some false truth. I don’t lose my temper easily, unless a person really climbs up my sleeve. I can get it back even then.

You call someone name, call it. I remain me, even if you call me thousand names.

I hate hypocrites. If you wanna say something, say it right out.

Don’t point fingers at my life. I live it and no one tells me how.

Just like that. I’ve many reasons and believe me it is good for both of us.

Sorry for all the distrust caused and the falsity created.

I think I understand what you are feeling but I’m scared to understand more. It will be a mischief to do something amiss and amiss will be everything that involves us. Let’s not make it tough. It doesn’t mean you cannot love someone you can’t hold. You can still hold her in your heart – and that is where you keep someone you love truly. Love is not possession. Love is not touch. Love is not just a feeling. Love is not just care. Love is not just kindness. Love is not just attraction. It is something that surpasses human description. Love can’t torture you. Love can only be what love is. And you can love even things you cannot touch or hold.

Abrupt cut of the phone line only gave me more of why’s and what’s and less answers.


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