Snatchers of Conversations with my Friends

To J.D.:
You are right that life is an endless journey. But if life were to be an idle sitting, we would all have died of boredom. I like life being a journey. I like life being a series of birth and death. I like life being a mixture of joy and sorrow
I like life being a world of friends and family. I like life as it is.

SMS to a friend:
I’ve never for a moment wished I were someone or were like them. I like myself being myself and I’m happy my way.

To cheku;
I know you are full of humor…but in you being serious for a moment won’t lose its charms. Because what you have in inborn is never lost or destroyed.

To my nephew:
Life is not just about the zing of being big and having fun; it is about how much you can realize the truth. Be a good person. Just be the human you are.

To Kinley Gyelmo:
Friends once were friends now. Friendship passes the test of time. I miss you and I wish I could catch you up right now and have a good time once again.

I get a gnawing sensation of sadness dawning on my heart to think I’m yet here again to part from you.

From Keli: Believe your enemy rather than an untrustworthy friend or a lover.
Me: If your lover cheats you, you don’t cheat back. You talk it through and make up the mistake.
Keli: It hurts when you love someone and that someone cheats you.
Me to Keli: Friend is a friend and they are with you and they don’t make choice of circumstances.

I wasn’t raised to be ambitious and violent. I wasn’t taught to be what I’m not. I only want to be the humble human my parents taught me to be. I just want to live and die happy and to me, wealth is not happiness.

From Leki:
Yeah, I’ve learnt that we need to give sometime for love to grow. You become a different person then and he is the center of your life. Give a chance for your heart to analyze.

To Nyonba: Thanks a lot for coming to meet me; for taking all the effort and making up despite all the insoluble circumstances you were facing. And thanks too for making me a fool. I guess, it was all too wise of you. A harmless creature I’m, I’m thinking what‘d have caused you so much pain not to tell me what you could tell any other person. But I’m grateful you are my friend. I felt a little under some kind of tricks – I still do. I’ve no man to trust. But I’ve myself and myself, I believe in. if I’ve nothing else, I’ve faith. That is all I need to live.

From Nyonba: Forget it. God send me here, this life, maybe to accept things as they are, to forgive, to help, to reconcile and much more.

If you think it is gonna be too difficult for you, you can at least tell me why, even if in a vague way.

You need not trust me in such big sense that you put your soul on what you mean trust.

No, it is not like that. I prefer people speaking directly. Even if I get hurt, I get hurt only to a certain extent and I can accept it. But when you hear things behind, it stings.

I may not call what I did so far my achievement but I wouldn’t be what I’m without them.

You can’t help not being with even those people who sting because you can’t help not to be yourself.

It is really peaceful at this hour and I wish you were with me to walk this beautiful silence.

You won’t feel the magnitude of what I went through a few moments ago. You would understand only if you were involved or else can’t know how it feels to be blamed for something you never thought in your wildest dreams.

You are a friend I can’t choose to forget. You are a friend I will have in my heart forever.

It became the nightmare of my life and I hated the life itself.
I feel like I’m helplessly lying under the stamp of the world I woke up and found I still had a lingering sadness in my heart. I felt condemned. The fault was with me not with the people. I can’t change them but I can change me.


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