Being There For a Friend

Letter written to a friend in June, 2005.

Something surfacing in your life after what seems like a forgotten decade
I want to tell you this as the foremost point: what you have is always better than what you don’t have but long for as it seems good. Ask yourself the question of whether you can start everything all over again. You have known him for long years now. I’m sure you have never known someone as close as him.
Now my question is, will you be able to start everything from the beginning trying to know that guy as close as him? And do you think when you are with him you can feel as comfortable as yourself as you are with X? Just cuz X tells you that you can choose your way, do you think you can forget all those moments you have known him and cherished so far? Do you think you can walk away from him to get sth. that you have no knowledge of what will bring? Now, my dear friend, I want you to think everything over. I understand that feeling where you get carried away and feel you love two of them the same. But what you should not forget is that the 2nd guy is not even near you. You cannot see his face when he speaks what he urges you for. You cannot hold his gaze when he makes a promise. Can you be sure that after all these years he is still the same guy? What if you lose what you have in the quest of what you don’t?

From the little you talked about him, I didn’t feel like you had so much of a time together to know him. I don’t know if you know him well to love him. Love is blind sometimes but love that is for lifelong keep is not. Love that is blind lives in memory but love for a life lives with you.

I feel it will be better if you stay with X but choice is for you to make. I (only) don’t want my friend to regret later and look back over the years where she could have lived so much happier. No matter what, it is YOU who is gonna be the reaper of your decision – do that best suits you.


Cherokee said…
Hi Kuneza,
I am eagerly waiting to see your first love letter to your husband and his response thereoff or vice
Kuenza said…
Why'd you want to see someone's love letter? I wonder.

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