Me with my friends

From Left: Kyangsom, Kinley & I

From Left: Tenzy, Leki and I

With Phub Dem (she is one on the Right)

With Lungten (L on the left)


Taluuman said…
Hi Kuenzang,
Simply wonderful - your site. And I like your face too - it is gentle and the calm of your soul shows through. You must be one wonderful person.

Wish you all the best.

Cherokee said…
Hello Kuenza,

A promise to make Acho Kaptang leave a comment for your site. It is a fulfillment of an obligation on my part and a dream come true for you.

And for Kaptang, i must kuenz looks in real life...more lovelier than Taktsang gleaming in the sun..

And for you kuenza, keep on writing your life's by one...till entangles with mine ..hahaha sorry Kaptang

Kuenzang said…
Thank you so much for speaking so kindly about me...And, yes, cherokee, thank you for keeping your word.

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