Conversation with My Husband

I feel an overwhelming sadness casting a darker shadow over my heart. I would better let you know that I’m alive when I’m…now, do I talk like I’m not gonna see tomorrow? That is how I feel. (I would often think of death in the sudden dark still night and feel like death wasn’t far)
You be with a person and do everything together…you get so used to being with him that you just don’t know what to do without him. And you can’t help but miss him.

You know when two people are in love, their hearts beat as one and they feel the same. I’m happy that it is happening to us.

To you I give what I’m and not what I’m not. Not more, not less but true me.

You see what I’m. I’ve no hidden vice or nasty tricks. With what I’m, you are but, a part of me.

You are not sure because you don’t trust me…you don’t trust me because you don’t trust yourself. You don’t trust yourself because you are not sure of what you say or do. All I can say is that I trust myself to trusting you and loving you with all my heart.

…..I was looking into the eyes of the man I was to love all my life.


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