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Instant Reflection

Life is a journey.
We begin life with a step and the beauty of it lies in the people you meet and the fun you have with them

I was lying on a bed (in the hospital) when I came back…I looked around in wide eyes…he was sitting beside my bed. God knows for how long! I fell back into another long hours of drowsiness and unconsciousness as I felt him holding my hands. I was happy that he was there with me. Friends – aren’t they beautiful? They are there with you no matter what.

Life is not always beautiful but the few beautiful moments are too remarkable to forget…and it all centers on our friends. Without friends life would be a darn hell…you agree with me? I know you do. Who loves to be alone and lonely?

Friendship bridges two hearts into a harmonic rhythm of their beat such that they can feel exactly the same. Friendship flowers but never dies.

I accept equally the love and pain, the joy and suffering, the truth and faults, the guilt and remorse…life is not always as you expect. Life is not a bed of roses. I take pricking of thorns as part of life too. I won't run away from life – I would live through it and survive. The beautiful part of life when you look back is the hardest difficulty that you’ve overcome, the biggest tragedy that you have faced and the greatest thing you could do about them; not running away from it and hiding away from the sensors of reality.

“It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.” If I didn’t have something to face and learn, my life would have been without savor.

The world and me: I’ll have my own way and they will have theirs. They will say that is not and I won’t listen. No one knows who is correct and the suspense lies…but the one powerful almighty sees the truth. Truth shall remain the truth and I shall go on doing what I know is true. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t reconcile with what the majority think.

At the most poignant situation, you are my beacon of hope. You have proved to be a very true friend.

When you love someone, you trust him so much that you share everything – secrets of hearts to the desire of passion. That’s the secret of love and beauty of being one.

When a person gives you so much of sweet words, watch her face. If she is trying to steer you and encourage you with your plans, she is trying to dig information. Turn your back and you will hear what she has to say. She would have become a hypocrite – a kind of a traitor. She burns your trust.

Love is staunch affection that never looks for smoothness of time and circumstances. It understands and accepts.

We are no god or some super human. And I’m just some girl. When someone’s expectation is so high, we just can’t live up to it.

Our life is like novel and movies…they are creation of human mind and we are creation of ourselves.

I appreciate their hard work and determination but I don’t envy them. If I were like them, I could never have been what I am.

A person can’t deliver himself to you at your convenience. So be happy if at all he turns up

Don’t call everyone a flirt. Differentiate the degree of involvement.

Love him for what he is. Do not wish he were someone perfect or better so that you could love him more. If you haven’t learnt to love, there is no one called perfect to fit your prototype.

If a person has the right to act cold to you, you’ve the right to let her be.

Don’t be surprised when someone asks you out-of-way questions. I do that too and when I do, I have reasons to ask and rights to know.

Life just doesn’t center around one person. So don’t always expect others to do everything for you. Do something for others too.

It is not always you meet a nice friend. When I met my friends in Vellore, I couldn’t call myself more lucky.

Beneath the exterior, people are people and those who dare can take the risk to care…and it is truly special.

Words given and promises made are sealed forever. You don’t break them to become a fool.

I can smile off the blues when you are down. I can make you laugh when you are on the verge to break down.

I call spade a spade. So when someone says something, I take it that he means it.

Reciting something written down as prayers ain’t called prayers. I call that good wishes you hold for someone a prayer.

There is nothing like someone is too good for you or you are not good enough for him. It is always mutual…

I live moment by moment…and if it later turns out that it’s no longer how we felt, it will still be okay for, we felt it then.

I’m here in my bed…eyes barely open, music in my heart…feeling alive in the dead world, thankful that I’m living.

To dig your nose into anything so far is too dangerous a risk.

At such a silent hour, though I can’t feel the move, I know the world is not still…I get an eerie feeling that I’m living when so many are not. (Referring to the dead hour of the night when I was awake with so many thoughts)

If we are to be young forever; if we are never to grow old, there will be no charm to be young.

It’s become so reflexive now…whatever I do, I find myself thinking on the futility of it. The unrealistic reality, the deceptive phase of life and virtual visions of materials and objects.

Sometimes it is better to act deaf and dumb than try to pull through with the facts and reasons.

I may be anyone to the eyes of others but I’m me to those who can see me.

With true love you feel an inner lamination of beauty and joy; you sense a unity of oneness, merging of two souls. You feel an intuitive connection of hearts and feelings and unnamed unity of instincts and spirituality.

As life flies off, I cling to the credit card of life…I tell myself to wait because there has to be another time. But sadly, inevitably it slips out of my hand. “Next time I can try,” I optimize but next time goes away to another next time.

If love were to scar me, it couldn’t. I would be happy love happened, even if for a moment.

Some questions in life have no answers and some deeds, though you know is right cannot be explained its nature of righteousness.

When you know you have things to do and responsibilities to shoulder and yet procrastinate, the time itself tightens your neck and you find yourself drowning in unhappiness.

When you don’t do what you should, you just can’t be at peace. Doing what you want gives pleasure but doing what you should gives peace.

When you are responsible for something and you have failed to see that or simply ignored you will find yourself eaten up by that something and you will be doomed so low.

If you know how to speak, make sure you know how to act too. when your action doesn’t fit the definition of your words, you become a liar, a hypocrite, and an untrustworthy person.

What do you call that? It follows you like a shadow…you can’t shed it and you can’t even understand it. It’s there in your eyes, in your voice and in everything you do, giving a shade of unnatural sadness and blue. You can’t sit peacefully. You can’t talk without pain. You are followed by this shade forever and in its clutch you cry.

You expect something so much and when it never comes you become frail with depression and riddled with thoughts of curse and sorrow. Why can’t your expectation be true?

You play with your life to an extent of destroying the lucidity of its nature and you pay your frivolity with a price of your own blood.

In life we meet lot of people but make friends with few. Few of them touch our life in such a way that their presence is felt even in their absence.

No one is a bad person. I understand you more than you think I do. A man speaks sour not because he is so, but because he is forced to.

I wouldn’t pose a price like that on the expense of others…

I know, the way I live is not soothing, nor neat. Neither suitable nor beautiful. But I don’t like people making a leap at something without knowing the core.

Dreams can come true. I live a day everyday.

Friendship is no big time favor, nor a courteous duty but a gift. Not a small hurt, nor a big one can shatter it.


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