Moments in Silence

To me, life isn't about pursuing dreams and forgetting its small subtle things that give happiness.

Happiness comes from realizing your dreams

Actually what we desire most in life is love and all great people in history have accepted that.

The emotions that come in the simplest forms are like ambrosia to the Gods. The sweetest nectar.

Love is so eminent in is like a wave. Rises and falls.

That is what I’m saying...actually the basic need for human isn't accomplishing high dreams and ambitions but having what our heart desire.

I feel everyone who has got some titles is one who have worked for it

If only u can encompass a whole galaxy in it.

I’m sure when two people think of each other; they can really feel each other

You are like a rainbow...I can only see u stretch above me with your splendor

It’s a longing that a child has for his mom. It’s longing...a craving for the stars to fall

There are times when you meet someone and though you hardly know him/her, he/she kinda get struck in your mind...and you can't just seem to let go.

Actually that is what complicates me you know. I can't just not love the person who loves me.

Love doesn't have to be divided. Love just the same.

You will be that dappled light in my dark empty night.

You will know that every evening like a kid lost in thoughts, I would sit by the steps and ponder.

Loving you would be like loving the spring for the charm and beauty. Well, I can at least fall in love with the flowers, even if I don’t own the plant

Love isn't remembered through a gift of something. It is remembered as a gift in itself.


Cherokee said…
People come into our life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you fingure out which it is, you will know exactly what to do.

The wind..
Kuenzang said…
I cannot just agree with you...Let me see if I can figure out who comes when and why. I'm not quite sure we know what we are to do really, when we know someone has come in our life for a reason. You get struck there and you just feel like you are dreaming...Don't ya agree?

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