My Thoughts

I was sitting outside on a bench, thinking over life; the many small things that constitute life and the inconsistency of our thoughts…the moment was beautiful. A moment where I could just close my eyes and dream beautiful dreams.

Life without seriousness sometimes becomes like an undulating waves.

You really make things interesting. I say one thing, you say another…and everything just about negates everything. But like it as it is.

Maybe you deny your feeling finding them interrupting your principles.

The breathtaking scene of the sunset over the sea and the deep blueness of the sea itself, with a romantic song in my heart, and a sight frightfully romantic, I could feel nothing, think nothing and do nothing but miss you like never before.

Friendship, love, trust…these are some of the beautiful things in life. I have them because I have you. My love shall last so long as I do…and even beyond that. Love is forever.
Some say it…some think it. Some know it.


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