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Taking refuge in Buddha – being awakened and not deluded.
Taking refuge in Dharma – having proper viewpoints
Taking refuge in the Sangha – being pure and not polluted.

One should not rely upon the person of the master but rather rely upon the teaching, the substance of his or her teaching, the message of the Buddha.

Many who are indifferent to any form of spiritual practice are materially well off in some developed countries, but even then they’re completely unsatisfied. Although they are affluent they are not content. They suffer the anguish of wanting more, so that although they are materially wealthy, they are mentally poor.
~H.H. Dalai Lama

Whether I’m exalted or condemned, I will still be the ordinary Buddhist monk and I find it very comfortable. People call me the Bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokiteshvara, but that does not make me Avalokiteshvara. The Chinese call me a wolf wearing a yellow robe, but that doesn’t make me less of a human being or more of a wolf. I just remain an ordinary monk.
~H.H. Dalai Lama

Whether you become a monk or not is a matter of personal choice, but after having chosen to lead the life of a monk or a nun, it is naturally better not to be disgrace to the doctrine. Otherwise, not only is it bad for you, it also causes other people to lose their faith and unnecessarily accumulate non-virtues.
~H.H. Dalai Lama


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My Home is no more

My parents worked so hard to first get a land where they could farm. Then they worked so hard to build a house of their own. Their hard work paid. They made a name for themselves. They built two houses; more if we are to count the houses they help build for their children. But for what?

We could argue that if they did not work that hard, their children -- my siblings and I could be doing something different, and earning our living in a different way. They worked hard--all for us. They taught us humility. One thing that rings in my mind still to this day is that, we are humble people and we should always remain humble. I could say we have lived it.

What hit me hard was this picture that my eldest brother sent me from my village:

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Dechen was in K2, Kuensel on August 2, where daycare centres and early childhood development was covered. I just thought putting about it here would help me keep record about it.

So bogged down to add anything more at the moment. I can only say that I am a proud mother.

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1. If you have the contact list in the excel format, convert it into csv format 2. Now convert it into VCF format online on this link:
2. Follow the instruction on this link
3. Once you have the output of your contact list on that link in the VCF format, copy and paste it in a notepad
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6. Go to Contacts on the homepage of your iCloud and then go to settings

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