Tendrel Indeed

I must admit that before the day could break, my sister and this woman had so much to share. I think my sleep was disturbed. In my half conscious mind, I could hear each word they uttered. They shared their family history to the cause and effect to a few small gossips. I found that this woman has three siblings including herself. She has six children. Then it suddenly clicked. I heard from here and there, from small talks that her family comes from a very rich, kind of aristocratic family line.

And what is there to say? I was surprised beyond shock when I knew that she was somehow related to me. Meaning, I found that her sister is the present wife of my husband’s father. So? I know, I would ask that same question. But somehow, I felt this phenomenon of interdependence rose there in front of me to show me something. I know this concept so well intellectually, but have I lived with it well? I thought I have tried well. But in stark truth, it lay there.

I thought, my husband’s father’s wife must be some forceful, powerful looking woman too. And if so, there is no wonder that this coward physically man-appearing had no guts to look his son in the eye. Neither the courage to hold his hand when he grew up. But I have no grudge whatsoever to this wonderful, sweet-talking woman. We have started sharing what small things we have for meals and snacks.

But I can’t help wonder, why on earth do I have to face the other side of the mirror when my husband has grown up to be more man than his father? When I have come to see him as a man having more courage than his father seemed to possess? But, I think, this has a reason. Maybe before my sister is discharged, she might tell this woman that my husband is his brother-in-law’s son. So what? I would rather love to see her reaction.


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