Defining Myself

One moment I am happy. I am laughing hard. I am laughing until there are tears in my eyes and my back aches. And next moment, I just get so grim. I look at life and I just try to figure out a way to understand it better. I am walking and I pass by different people. Some hold me thinking what has made their life so successful, whereas some make me wonder how life can be so unfair. The mixture of joy and sorrows, the truth of life as it is surprises me constantly. And I am just a spectator. I think that I am happy. What have I not? I feel I am a human gifted with the pure chance of getting out of something called suffering, and I find myself wondering if I have got the way.
I’m a sailor in the stormy night. I hear the anger in the waves. I see the beckoning of the light on the other side of the shore. I’m yet to decide.


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