Answering Death

I was at the Casualty at 1:30AM today (28/01/08) – (say midnight). A doctor and a nurse who were on duty seemed sleepy and red-eyed. A 74 year old man sat in a far corner of the room, groaning and coughing without a break of a second. I looked at this man and saw my father’s face. I thought maybe, climbing age and answering life with steps like that isn’t the way. I thought I wouldn’t want to die suffering. But then, another thought said I should suffer to realize the better thing – for it is often (almost always) when we face difficulties that we realize the truth and look for it vigorously.
I looked at him again. The nurse went to his bed and asked the patient attendant to take him for chest X-ray and blood check up. I waited. I mouthed prayer with all my heart now. I prayed death wasn’t taking him before he knew he was dying. When you realize you are dying, you also realize importance of goodness – and that is when good emotions and repentance fills your heart. I hoped he wasn’t defying death but answering it.


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