I have often wondered on life and why people choose to live the way they do when they know they cannot take anything in death. Haven't it occured to you, how hard it is to strive for what would only give you worry? 

I ain't a philosopher but I have often been running with a question on why there ain't many who make wise choices in life. Why? 

If you knew you were to die tomorrow, would you study for your exam? Would you go save money in your account? 

I would choose to sit in solitude and look for an answer within.


Anonymous said…
If I knew I was going to die tomorrow I will not be crouching by a corner, waiting. I would probably be having a blast or meeting my loved ones or doing something really cool.

Lets just way we are doing the same now. Only people are not certain when they will die or if someone is going to come up with a pill that could make us live forever.

Ugyen Gyeltshen said…
If I know I am dying tomorrow, I will tell many stories to my beloved people such that they do not weep over me and make dying so simple that they are never scared of their own deaths.

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