Tendrel (Dependent Relations)

I’ve been running to and fro hospital for the past two days. The day my sister was admitted in the orthopedic ward in JDWNR Hospital, I noticed that very noticeable face of an elderly woman (we call such people ‘wangchan’ – roughly to mean person exuding power, influence, force and control). Then I found that I know her attendant. She, I found later is her daughter. We studied together in Monggar but she didn’t seem to remember me well. 

For the past two days and nights my sister and I have been at the hospital, we became quite a good friend with her and many others. She can talk so deliciously that you can’t help but listen. She seems like a ‘Dasho Ama,’ if you know what I mean. Later I was to find that her husband was a DEO. He retired and now they live in their village in Tashiyangtse.

My sister whispered to me last night that she could finally remember that she had met this ‘wangchan woman’ in Tashigang hospital many years back. I was in class six then. My sister was finally hospitalized, upon finding that no ‘rimdro’ could cure her. She almost died. That time, this woman was at the hospital attending her sick mother. My sister remembers her as a beautiful, talkative young woman. 

And today their beds are next to each other. I thought, ‘this must be tendrel.’ They met many years back because they had something called ‘tendrel.’ Simply, they were destined to. And today they meet again, because of the same reasons: their causes and conditions for meeting have been ripened and so they meet. I was like, ‘wow’. I thought, such intricately, truly wonderful phenomenon. We can never really run away from the truth. I thought, yes, even such small things show that we are all interconnected somehow. So then, how can we even think that we can live for our own and not worry about others?


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