A letter of advice to my nephew

I'm not trying to show my frustration here but you will see what I'm talking about when you come of age to handle your life and so many other responsibilities in life yourself. Right now, probably you don't understand what it is to have problems or what it means to find solution.

I'm very postive that by being on your own away from home, you are seeing life in a differnt light and growing up faster than you otherwise would have. Please understand that, when you have parents who are willing to spend for you to earn education for you, you shouldn't just throw away that opportunity in the whim of seeking fun. You might not realize now how important it is to even secure a good percentage in your academic performance. But I tell you, I came through the same stage you are now in. Now I understand the importance of taking responsibility seriously.

You don't have to throw every second you have on the books. But it would pay you if you could find good time to spend on them. Think it over. Don't just think I'm talking elderly advice. Look through it and try it. If it doesn't pay you, find a way that you think is going to pay you. Right now the path you have chosen is to study, to complete graduation. And to complete that path, you have to take what have been bestowed on you as the responsibility - and that is to study and make sure that you graduate with a good performance.

You might want to listen this with a deaf ear or you might want to listen to it with your heart. Both depend on you. But you have to know which is best for you and which would benefit you. I leave in your hand to make the choice. We can only tell you to do the best. It is in your hand to do it or not.


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