Why Can I Not Write My Autobiography?

I’m now putting this question to myself. But why can’t an ordinary person write an autobiography? I want to know. My friend who already published a book and is about to publish another one says, an ordinary person doesn’t write an autobiography. His reasons are that, no one will read it. He said ‘You have to be famous to write an autobiography.’ I don’t agree. You will see why. 

I feel like crying now as I listen to his next sentence: ‘People like us have no voice.’ Why not? I have always wanted justice, equity, fairness. And now, maybe I want to cry because I find that this is what the reality is. But still, I know I can fight. I will write an autobiography if I want to. The whole conversation started from his information that his next book is almost ready to be published. He said he could help me if I wanted to print something. I could find a printer of course. Why not, if I had the money? I was saying I won’t want to publish something if it was purposeless; if its purpose was just to make money or have my name engraved on a booklet. 

‘Who will read your autobiography?’ asked he. I tell him that an ordinary person’s life has more lessons than a famous person’s. If a celebrity talked about her life, she would indirectly be scorning ordinary people. She would probably be talking about what ordinary life doesn’t have. Except that she will try to put it in a way as to how that could be achieved. They will call it a lesson, which in my perception isn’t. 

I might want to go on, but it is time that I left this place. But before I say goodbye, I want to say that I will write an autobiography if I want to; I don’t care if no one reads it. I don’t care if it remains on the shelf and collects dusts.

But I will do it if I want to.


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