GNH ways to live a busy day

I was at the Bank of Bhutan once to send money to my nephew studying in India. The man who stood before me looked hurried and was talking to the staff at the counter in a harsh tone.  The bank staff’s face had worn a garb of gloom by that time. 

When my turn came to deposit money, I smiled at the staff. He smiled back.  We had a simple conversation as he dealt business. We exchanged a hearty Tshangla laugh as I left.  And that made my day. I had that incident inscribed in my heart for hours ahead as I juggled GNH-related statistics back in my office.

 I realized that if we want to be happy, we can actually create it: a simple smile, an encouraging comment, or a thoughtful moment before you embark on the day can bring happiness. 

As you walk to your school, smile or say hi to your friends on the way. If you are passing by a temple or a chorten, you may like to stand for a moment and say a small prayer. And when you reach your school, greet your teachers from your heart.

Feel the green trees, touch or smell a blooming flower as you walk on foot. Hum a song or whistle a tune which would put a twinkle in your eyes and a glow in your heart. 

As you open your eyes on bed to start your day, do not just rush into the bathroom without a single thought of how you want your day to be. Close your eyes and think of whether you want your day to be a frustrating or joyful one. How you talk to people you meet that day will depend on how you want your day to be.

As you sit in the class, open your books with a prayer or wish to make the study hour an interesting event of knowledge sharing. Opening your heart to what you have to do will create an enthusiasm that can eclipse your fear of boredom.  

For a student with an open heart, the bell will go off for the next period even before s/he realizes.  
  • Having a happy day is important for our psychological well-being, one of the 72 indicators for Gross National Happiness

    Note* I was writing on the GNH in Business Bhutan in school page. But later they did away with that page. After that, I have decided to continue writing on the same topic on all the indicators as I understand.


Andrea said…
Hello Kuenza,
I don't see an e-mail address for you on this page so I will post here:
I wish to invite you to a blogger/Twitter meet-up in Thimphu on November 27th.
Please check out the event and spread the word if it is of interest to you. Thanks.
PaSsu said…
Hey Kuenza,
Hope you are fine.
I went through Business Bhutan School Page online and was impressed with your box; you have made yourself a nice room there. You have a beautiful happy picture there.
Did they do away with the page?
Kuenza said…
Thanks PaSsu. I really appreciate you reading those pages...

I was made to understand that they would be no longer bringing out that page. I was told they have difficulty getting articles from the school -- I mean the school to feature.
Sogyel Tobgyel said…
Dear Kuenza...
this is the best place for your GNH writings....loved so much...the way you made the moment with that staff was so nice and true...i am on the roll....gonna read all your GNH articles....

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