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Changing with Thoughts

Following is an article by Tenday in and my my comment on the article follows:

Changing Thoughts changing with Changing Times

When Sonam was a little girl, she always thought she would marry the first guy she meets in her life. But when she reached her teens, she broadened her thinking little bit for she understood that it was ok to go for a second if the relationship with first one doesn’t work out well, that is, as long as the girl remains a virgin. She crossed her teens and then she didn’t care how many boy friends a girl changes and that too for as long as they didn’t spent a night together. By then living together kind of relationship was not uncommon. And so when she met her first boyfriend, she got very scared when he first asked her to spend a night with him.

She refused so many times because she had many fears as well as so many ‘what if (s)’. She was more worried about what the society might say about her if they finds out. But after being in a relationship for a year, she finally agreed to sleep with him. For few months, it haunted her and she began to worry even more and always said to herself that she should marry him and him only, by any means and no matter what. They are in the relationship for two years and they are still not married to each other. But one interesting thing was that she does not have that kind of fear any longer. Rather, she is able to say what if this relationship doesn’t work out well, she won’t have a hesitation to go for a second and then third, forth and so on. She does not care about anyone. But what has become to her principle in life? What about her morality? And most importantly, where is the civility?
My Comment on the article:
Yes people change with time. In fact, though we say, it is time that changes, it isn’t. An hour always has 60 seconds. A day always has 24 hours. The hand of the second and minute in a clock moves with the same speed.

But everyday a new thought arises in the minds of people. Everyday a new invention is made. Everyday a new commodity is in market. Everyday a new child is born. And an adaptation has to be made to suit that change that is brought forth with new ideas, inventions, and trends. Principles cannot remain rigid rock – but the adaptation to change has to be in the range of reasonable limit.

Her principle might have stood strong in the mind of Sonam when she was young but she changed it when she grew. But you see, though you have portrayed that principle in Sonam changed to the extent of not minding get laid as many times as it was possible, I would argue that the principle of a person doesn’t change overnight from the point of A to Z in a blink of an eye. What a person values doesn’t lose its value with the change of time. If the ocean runs dry, maybe then the pearls might lie bare but its value would remain the same.

Exceptions could be there. But like I wrote few days back, ten years ago you were you. And even ten years later you will be you.

I would say, a person who cannot respect his/her principle with time isn’t really sure if it is what she values.

Oh man, you see, gossip isn’t of how kind you are. Gossip usually is about who you were with for dinner last night, who you were rumored to have slept with few days back, who you were seen going for a movie with last Saturday and so on – and this gossip corrodes every smooth edge of morality. But what you value should remain fixed in your conscience and when you are walking: your destination has to be transfixed before your eyes.


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