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I don’t think I will want to sleep tonight…

I’m sitting alone in the office just now. Office time is long over. All colleagues left. Night is falling fast, but even when I’m haunted by the ghost stories, of spirits walking in and around our office, I find myself excited. My sister, my niece and nephews are gonna be here tonight. Tonight, I will celebrate. Tonight, I will not sleep. Even when sleep begs me, I will talk throughout the night.

My sister is coming to Thimphu for a check up. She has been having pain in both her legs for a long time. When she went to Tashigang hospital, she was given some painkiller tablets. She told me that, when she complained of pain, the hospital staff seemed to think it was a bearable pain. I know her. I know she wouldn’t come here, unless it is a serious pain. But even when I know that she is coming here not to celebrate, I am excited. I’m glad, I will see her. My mother is equally excited. Today she must be home early from Kora.

I’m excited and I want them to reach Thimphu soon. I have called up five times already. The first time I called, they were in Thinleygang; and now, they are about to reach Dochula. I’m counting minutes, breathless. And even when night is falling and spirits are probably sauntering around me and talking to me, I don’t see them, I don’t hear them, but I’m set only on one thing: meeting my sister, my niece and nephews. Tonight, yes, I will celebrate.

But before I do, I leave this note supporting Penstar that there isn’t another JDWNRH in any part of the country. That is why, my sister is making two days journey all the way here. While I’m glad I will see her, I’m sad that despite the many developments, still it is the farmers dwelling in the rural areas who have to travel the farthest, struggle the hardest – no matter, for whatever facility.


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